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Message from the President


Sunny Mu

Co-President 2023


Richard Lam

Co-President 2023

Welcome to the official website of UBC BizChina Club! 


Founded in 2011, UBC BIzChina club puts its emphasis on hosting corporate presentations, networking events, and large scale conferences to benefit all students. Named CUS top small club in 2018, and hosting the first ever BizChina Forum in 2019 (formerly UBC China Forum), our goal is to bridge the gap between the east and the west, where students’ ambitions in a career related to Sino-Canadian and Chinese businesses can be developed. 


Our central objective is to nurture and empower global leaders of tomorrow. Last year, we successfully introduced our new initiative called BizGlobal. Through the bizglobal events series, we were able to attract a variety of students from different academic and cultural backgrounds. 


This year, we aim to continue to bridge the gap between the east and the west, and to become a more inclusive club. This includes hosting events that are targeted towards UBC students of different fields. This includes our welcome back event in September, our career fair in November, and of course, our biennial flagship event: The UBC BizChina Forum, which will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre in March of 2023.


 Now, I invite you on this amazing journey to witness how BizChina is able to breakthrough in this new academic year. In the meantime, let me introduce you to our amazing department chairs, and see how each department contributes to your journey at BizChina.

Our Mission

UBC BizChina Club was founded in 2011 with the objective of offering students a business club where their ambitions in a career related to China business can be developed.

The club puts its emphasis on organising intellectually stimulating lectures, informative corporate presentations, large-scale conferences, and networking sessions for our members and the wider public to foster constructive conversations and promote cross-border cooperation among the next generation of business leaders.

Our Values


We are a non-partisan fully student-run club and forum that is committed to free expression and upholding a high standard in genuine, considerate, and impartial discourse and analysis.



We are committed to offer an open platform to any individuals who are interested in learning about the potential opportunities in both Canada and China, regardless of their academic or cultural backgrounds.



We recognize the need to continually learning the past and present, immense, and sophisticated histories of Canada-China relations through solemn, and honest exchanges.



We aim to we embrace open and unbiased communication and encourage accountable and honest business behaviours.

Our Team

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