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NEED To Change

Past Events

2023 Jan
Lunar New Year With BizChina

The participants combined the elements of the Rabbit Year with traditional calligraphy, and also made tangyuan with red bean filling together. Everyone had great ideas, expressing their New Year wishes on pieces of red paper.

2023 Mar 
2023 UBC BizChina Forum

Time: Mar 17th-18th, 2023

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre

Activities: Opening keynotes from International Delegates, roundtable panel discussions, Fireside Chats, exclusive networking events

2023 Sep
Welcome Back Event

The original intention of the Welcome Back Event is to provide a platform for communication. Through one-on-one academic matching and communication between mentors and students, it aims to help students from different majors at UBC with guidance on school courses, major selection, and career planning. Therefore, UBC BizChina has invited experienced senior students to serve as mentors, answering questions for students and providing targeted advice.

2023 Nov 
Networking Event

The workplace exchange event this time adopts the format of 'keynote speech + free socialization + group communication and Q&A' to allow participating students to share their professional insights. Through the means of sharing and dialogue, the event aims to analyze the prospects of the workplace, identify workplace pitfalls, and clarify individual development for the students. Visiting guests also engaged in in-depth interactive exchanges with the students. Discussions covered various aspects such as the personality of job applicants, career development planning, intern positions provided by companies, and the required skill sets

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