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UBC study place tips👩‍💻 🧑‍💻

Dorm study room🏠

There are study rooms in each residence. If you are a first-year student, you most likely live in Place Vanier, Orchard Commons, and Totem Parks. The study rooms are in the commonsblock. Those are walk-ins so you don’t need to book them online. That is convenient but you might need to take the spot as early as possible during the busy midterm and final seasons.


On-campus coffee stores are also a good choice for studying. Loafe Cafe is located in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre. You can enjoy the good study vibe and nice food there. Bean Around the World is another good recommendation. It is close to residences and you would like to stay there on the weekends.

CLC & Library📚

CLC is not only a place to study, there are also many coaching services such as writing and research help. CLC has many silent spaces as well as group study rooms available to book online. There is also specialized software in the Digital Media Lab, Leith Wheeler Investment Research Lab that is available for students.

Life building🏢

Life building has incredible open spaces with high ceilings and large windows making the space bright and ideal for studying. The East Atrium has long tables perfect for group study while the West Atrium offers small group tables and benches. The Perugia Cafe is located in the West Atrium to serve Italian food and drinks, so it will be a perfect place to go when you are taking a break for studying!

AMS Nest✨

AMS Nest is a home away from home for UBC students, it is a friendly space where students can study, eat, gather, and socialize. There are informal study spaces on all 4 floors within the building; there are casual tables, quiet lounge spaces and more spaces to study at.

Authors: Brianna Wang, Chloe Li

Graphics Design: Katie Huang

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