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UBC First-year Residences: Your home away from home

Orchard Commons:

🏠Orchard Commons is one of UBC’s newest and tallest residences for first-year students. Orchard Commons has 2 mixed-gender houses (Braeburn and Barlett). The majority of the rooms at Orchard Commons are connected single and shared rooms with a limited number of single rooms. Just like the other two residences for first-year students OC rooms do not come with a kitchen, meal plan is mandatory for all residents (not only for the Orchard Commons dining room; it is valid at more than 30 places to eat!)

🍔Open Kitchen

Hero Coffee + Market

Custom Kitchen-Stir Fry

Global Bowl

Vegetarian Kitchen

Square Meal Kitchen

Grab & Go

Sandwich Bar

📍Nearby places:

Faculty of Forestry

Life Science building

Faculty of Computer Science


Totem Park:

🏠Totem Park is mainly for first-year freshmen -- 10 buildings, 939 single rooms, 540 connected singles with shared bathrooms, and 282 double/triple rooms. Coquihala Common Block is the center of residential activity in Totem Park. Coquihala includes restaurants, fitness rooms, music rooms, dance halls, study areas and convenience stores.

🍔 Feast

Including a variety of cuisines such as:

Made-to-order burritos

West Coast salmon burgers

Stone hearth Italian pizzas

Vegetarian food

📍Nearby places:

College: the Engineering, Science, LFS, and Forestry buildings.

Landscape: UBC Botanical Garden

You can go to Engineering building to buy Starbucks between classes

With UBC Thunderbird Arena and sports field (basketball court and badminton court)


Place Vanier:

🏠Place Vanier is one of the first-year student residences in UBC located at 1935 Lower Mall. Place Vanier provides 1089 single rooms and 183 double rooms. Vanier’s Common Block has a fitness room, a study room, vending machines and a shared washroom. Gather is on the second floor of the commons block. Vanier provides a good atmosphere of making friends because it has a huge green ground for outdoor entertainment.



Gyaza-Poke Bowls

Grab & Go

Sandwich Bar

📍Nearby places:

Department of Asian Studies

Department of Geography

Sauder School of Business

Earth Science Building

Wreck Beach


Ritsumeikan-UBC House

Ritsumeikan is also one of the first-year residences. Students should be 18+ to apply Rits. There are 50 four- and five-person units, 5 one-bedroom units. The nearby Commonsblock is shared with Orchard Commons. There is no mandatory meal plan in Rits.

📍Nearby places:

68 Bus Station

UBC Campus Mailing Services

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Authors: Brianna Wang, Chloe Li, Olivia Yu

Graphics Design: Katie Huang

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