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Top 5 Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Phone interviews are just as important as in-person interviews, so properly preparing for them can influence your success. UBC BizChina has prepared some tips to consider when preparing your phone interview.

  • Confirm the scheduled time 📅

Before the call, confirm all the details, including the date, time, and who you will be talking to. Be sure you know whether the interviewer is calling you or if you need to make the call. Writing down the scheduled time, adding it to your calendar or setting it as a reminder on your phone are great ways to make sure you are ready.

  • Do research and prepare ahead 📓

If you have advance notice of the interview, review the job description and do a bit of research on the company. Make a note of specific details about the company, and prepare some questions for them. Take the time to match your qualifications to the job description to speak to why you're a strong candidate for the position. 

  • Proper phone interview etiquette ☎️

Be attentive, ask insightful questions and engage with the recruiter. This will show that you’re taking the interview seriously and genuinely care about what they have to say. Make sure you’re listening to every word and follow-up with questions that show you were actively listening to what they were saying.

Taking notes throughout the interview can help you remember important matters the interviewer discussed. Have a pen and paper or use your computer for note-taking. This can be useful in referencing any salaries, job responsibilities or other relevant company information you may have discussed with the interviewer.

  • Make an impression from a distance 😊

Even if they can’t see you, make sure you still maintain a good posture and smile when you’re speaking! These small things can all carry over through your voice! Also, don't be afraid to ask them to repeat a question if you didn’t hear it clearly. 

  • Follow up after the interview ✍️

As the interview winds down, make sure to say thank you to the interviewer: Send out an email thank-you note immediately (within 24 hours), thanking the interviewer and reiterating your interest in the job. If there’s something you forgot to mention or want them to elaborate on a certain topic, this is a great opportunity to ask.

When the interview is over, carefully review any notes you were able to take during the conversation. Jot down what types of questions you were asked, how you responded, and any follow-up questions you may have if you have an opportunity for an in-person interview or a second-round phone interview—or even a job offer.

Good luck!!🍀

Written by: Sophie Nie

Edited by: Zi Yuan

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About the Author

Sophie Nie

The English Marketing Director at UBC BizChina Club. Sophie is a third-year commerce student at UBC, who has a passion for marketing and consulting.

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