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Tips on First-year Course Registration in Sauder

First year course registration date is right around the corner!! Is there still confusion over what you should include in your worklist?🤯 Are yu aware of all the important dates 📆 ? Start taking notes📝 because UBC BizChina is here to answer some of the burning questions you may be wondering!!


Q: What are the Sauder first year requirements📚?

A: Sauder first year requirements include 8 mandatory courses [24 credits] (full course list shown below), of which COMM 186E is considered a commerce elective requirement as of 2021W. In addition to the mandatory courses, students also have to fulfill a WRDS150B course as well as a 3 credit non-commerce elective requirement which can be freely chosen.

💬 Additional information can be found on the general requirements website:

Q: When does first year course registration begin ⏰ and what is the registration process?

A: First year course registration happens between July 6 to July 8 and specific registration date and time can be found through your SSC. First year Sauder students need to add a STT (Standard Timetable) that suits your preference, a WRDS150B, and one elective to your worklist. Make sure courses do not conflict with each other by checking Test Registration! Once your registration time arrives, you can register all the courses within your worklist with one click!


  • STT includes all mandatory courses for the entire winter session (2 terms), EXCEPT WRDS150B, so don’t forget to individually select it!

  • Once courses are successfully registered, you can download an electronic schedule to help you remember your course sections and time.

Q: What are the requirements for promotion to Year 2?

A: You will be promoted to Year 2 if you have met all of the following requirements:

1️⃣ Successful completion of 24 credits including:

  • all of COMM 101, ECON 101, ECON 102, MATH 104 (or accepted Math equivalent)

  • at least two of COMM 290, COMM 291, COMM 292, WRDS 150B (or accepted equivalent).

2️⃣ A winter session average of 60% or greater based on all courses attempted from September to April. (You must attain a minimum of 60% in your first year writing course, which is WRDS150B or accepted equivalent)

Q: Is there any way to learn more about the professor when choosing a course?

A: Ratemyprofessor is a professor rating website based on student feedback!

You can also check out Sauder Professor’s personal experiences and more information on this website.

Q: What are some important dates I should write down in my calendar?

A: Please look at the pictures below for dates and deadlines! Also, here is the link if you want to take a screenshot!

🎉🎉🎉We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon in September! 🎉🎉🎉

Author: Novar Qin

Translator: Brianna Wang, Katie Huang

Editor: Chloe Li

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