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Panel Review 1

4 years since the launch of our UBC China Forum and we are so excited to present to you back in person: 2023 UBC China Forum

To be held on March 17 & 18 at the Vancouver Convention Centre,2023 UBC China Forum will give you an eye-opening experience in discovering greater potential between businesses, career exploration and more! Tickets on sale starting on Feb 13th, 2023!

  • Featuring internationally renowned industry leaders

  • Insightful panel discussions

  • Case competition opportunity

  • Company boothing & Career Fair

  • Impactful network of talented and like-minded individuals

  • Hybrid format (In person & Live Broadcast) with simultaneous interpretation in English


This year’s forum theme on “Breakthrough” aims to explore the trends of post-pandemic business developments and potential challenges faced by both countries. Through deeper discussions into 4 main panels:

  1. ESG

  2. International Business

  3. FinTech

  4. Blockchain

We look forward to developing a further understanding of how the industries break through their obstacles, while equipping our audience with the perspectives of business leaders to kickstart your career as future change makers.

And now, introducing our first and second panels on …

1. ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

As the impact of climate change continues to worsen and social conflicts deepen, the discussions surrounding ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) become a widespread topic to hold everyone accountable in creating a sustainable future.

Over the years, ESG's strong presence in business has motivated corporations and countries to join the movement through regularly publishing sustainability reports and integrating ESG into their series of targets and strategic plannings. For example, in 2020, China pledged at the UN General Assembly to peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieve Net-Zero by 2060. Similarly, with Canada's favorable position in developing and investing in hydrogen energy, Canada projects to expand the Clean Energy sector by about 50 percent by 2030. With countries taking lead as advocators for a greener future, ESG has become recognized and implemented as critical variables in evaluating a business’s success.

Despite the bright future that we imagine from these ambitious goals, it is hard to neglect the great challenges that both countries will face in the process. At the forum, here are some questions to examine further:

  • From the search for financial support to adapting to policies and regulations, how have businesses responded to keep up with the trends?

  • What does Net-Zero Competition look like in China & Canada; how will these competitions enhance the global environment and alter trading strategies, utilization of renewable energy, and more

  • What challenges will countries face when implementing renewable energy such as Hydrogen energy; How is the government supporting Hydrogen Strategy and how will the Hydrogen Economy work?

2. International Business

At its most basic, international business refers to any business or the sale of goods and services between international borders. International business remains an important topic because it promotes competition in domestic markets and allows companies to become more innovative and efficient with their use of resources.

About 90 percent of the things an average person in a developed country owns is involved with international trade in some way, which means that international business is already an essential part of everyday life. Countries like China has always had close trade relations with the world, but in recent years it has become an economic powerhouse and player in the realm of international commerce. As technology and emerging markets continue to shift the paradigm of international commerce, the need to balance sound business strategy with a global mindset is more critical than ever! Therefore, at the 2023 UBC China Forum, we will dive deep into topics such as the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and analyze its impacts on cooperation between countries.

What does this new era lead us to? The forum will explore more on this topic around the following questions:

  • How to sort out the connection between Web 3.0 and blockchain?

  • In contrast to Web 2.0, how is Web 3.0 more promising in bringing growth and opportunities for businesses and individuals?

  • Impossible Trinity: Efficiency, Security, Decentralization

  • Metaverse: Application of blockchain technology and possibilities that web can bring

Panel Reveal PART 2 is soon to come, however…

Reminder that TICKETS ARE RELEASING ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13th! Set your reminders and we can’t wait to see you at the largest student-run China-Canada conference in Western Canada 😎

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