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5 Common Misconceptions About Studying In University

While university life is exciting, it's also incredibly challenging. If you don't make an effort, you can easily fall behind and become overwhelmed. Don't worry, we've all been there, which is why we've compiled five must-know tips that will help you ace uni.

1. Exam Prep

Exams, midterms, essays, assignments no matter what you have going on, it's bound to be a stressful time.

Common Misconception: If I spend more time studying, I will get better grades.”

In reality: Study quality > Study quantity. The number of study hours WILL NOT be proportional to your exam score, so make sure you are studying smart. Going to office hours or joining a productive study group is a great way to gain clarity in the subject. Why study harder when you can study smarter? 💯💯

2. Relieving Stress

Let’s be real, school is stressful, but don’t let stress overpower you! If you are feeling stressed, please take a break and relax. Some stress-relievers include meditation, exercise, take a walk outside, spa/massage, take a nap, just to name a few. Stress management is a critical skill, and it will take some time to master it.💥

Common Misconception: “Stress is a part of the university, so you can’t do anything about it.”

In reality: We should plan our lives so that we do not become overwhelmed by stress. If you do feel overwhelmed, try setting priorities and starting with the most urgent and essential tasks, then moving on to the less urgent tasks. Remember, your mental health does matter, don't suffer in silence. Reach out and talk to your loved ones and friends! 👭🏡

3. Our advice for the First Years

Hey First Years, how have you been doing? We hope you are enjoying your university life so far. Don’t let online learning get in the way of meeting new people and making friends! We may be physically apart, but we can still stay connected. So get out of your comfort zone, take the initiative to get to know more people! 😊

Common Misconception: “I don’t have to try that hard in the first year. It doesn’t matter.”

In reality: The first year is important! This is the time for you to explore your hobbies, develop good habits, and establish daily routines. This helps you excel in university and live a well-balanced life. Step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself with new experiences! UBC BizChina is always here to help you connect with others. Make sure to keep an eye on our events on social media. And don’t be shy, you can dm us and let’s chat!💪

4. How to study more efficiently

Hopefully, you are not procrastinating while reading this?😉 If you are leaving all your studying to the last minute, try creating a structured studying plan. This is super helpful, especially during stressful (*exam season) times! Trust us, keeping things organized will definitely raise efficiency!

Common Misconception: “If I start preparing for exams too early, I’ll just forget everything before the exam.”

In reality: It is never too early to begin studying! Midterms, assignments, case studies, papers, it seems intimidating at first but can be accomplished when you organize your time right. Make sure you have a good study plan, layout the important dates, and identify the topics that you struggle with! Spend more time on areas that you find difficult and use practice exams to get yourself ready for the real one! A mindmap is a handy tool! If you don’t know what that is, check out this video!

5. Peer Pressure

Say NO to peer pressure and never compare yourself to others! Positive peer pressure should encourage you to become a better self. In contrast, negative peer pressure can be extremely toxic and harmful 😨😨😨And we don’t need any more of that in our lives!

Common Misconception: “Peer pressure is normal in friend groups.”

In reality: Peer pressure can have both positive and negative impacts on you! While positive peer pressure provides you with chances to adopt efficient study habits, negative pressure widely affects your life. If you find yourself under negative peer pressure, be brave, and ask for help! It takes courage to become who you really are.

Author: Jessica Zhang

Editor: Zi Yuan, Julia Zou

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About the Author

Jessica Zhang

English Marketing Department Associate at UBC BizChina. A third-year BCOM student major in Marketing & Business Analytics.

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