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Are you ready to be seen and get noticed in the Web 3.0 ecosystem?
Join the Vancouver I&O Entrepreneur Competition!

The top 5 semi-finalists will be qualified for a cash prize and a chance
to present at this year’s UBC BizChina Forum.


Top 5 projects as selected by the panel. 


5000 CAD


1000 CAD


3000 CAD

Finalist Ventures



Wayne Lloyd

Entrepreneur and technology executive with extensive capital markets experience - currently the CEO of Shiftcarbon and Executive Chairman of NFT Technologies.

Yan Zhang.png

Yan Zhang

Crypto guru and successful entrepreneur in Crypto, eComm, and Fintech, R&D, operation and sales management of Fortune Global 500 and Silicon Valley startups, Undergraduate from Tsinghua University, Ph.D. from SFU in Canada

Jeffrey Manner.png

Jeffrey Manner

Experienced consultant and entrepreneur in the blockchain & digital currency space. He is also a lifelong environmentalist and vocal climate activist.


Raymond  Qu

Previous senior Adviser to the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), senior adviser to the Finance Research Institute of the State Council, Development Research Center of China, MBA from UBC, Founder and CEO of Geoswift Limited.

Michael Ran.jpeg

Michael Ran 

Seasoned crypto entrepreneur since 2016; Technical and growth lead for multiple crypto projects (L1, Defi, DAO); Ph.D. in AI from Univ of Maryland.


Jason Wang 

The general initiator of ZVCA "Global Innovation and Capital" Forum.  ZVCA members include more than  a thousand member institutions, including global investment banks, scientific research universities, listed companies and financial institutions, with a capital scale of more than 500 billion dollars.


Online registration ends: 3/12/2023

Announcement (on registration website): 3/14/2023

Final presentation& Award ceremony: 3/18/2023


Innovation: The originality and uniqueness of the business idea or product being presented.

Market potential: The potential market size and growth.

Go-to-market Feasibility: The feasibility of the business plan and its ability to be executed successfully.

Pitch quality: The clarity, persuasiveness, and professionalism of the presentation or pitch.

Competitive advantage: Market research on the existing market and the advantages of the project among existing or potential competitors.

Rules & Regulation

Eligibility: Participants must be able to attend the final event in person or through zoom to present their business idea.

Scope of project: The project must be related to Metaverse/Blockchain/Web 3.0.

Submission requirements: All participants must apply online and submit the relevant document as requested, and only English documents are acceptable.

Judging criteria: Participants will be judged on Innovation, Market potential, Go-to-market Feasibility, Pitch quality, and Competitive advantage of their business idea.

Prizes: The competition organizers will award a cash prize to the winner of the competition.

Intellectual property: All ideas and business concepts submitted to the competition must be original and avoid AI plagiarism. The organizer and co-organizer are not responsible for any intellectual property disputes.

Disqualification: Participants who violate any of the competition rules or engage in unethical behavior will be disqualified from the competition.

NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) between an applicant and judges will not be required or allowed.

Liability: Participants assume all risks and liabilities associated with their participation in the competition, and the competition organizers will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by participants.

Cancellation: The competition organizers reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time for any reason.

Amendments: The competition rules and regulations may be amended by the organizers at any time without prior notice.

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