Our Mission

The first ever annual UBC China Forum marks the beginning of a new chapter in cooperation between Chinese and Canadian enterprise. Hosted by the UBC BizChina Club and the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, the UBC China Forum is committed to building the leading platform for business cooperation between Canadian and Chinese businesses. Through a carefully curated event, the China Forum will allow for a free exchange of dialogue on a host of issues and opportunities currently facing the global business community. Hosting senior executives from China’s most influential firms, the 2019 forum will be exploring the following industries: Capital Finance, Technology Applications, Life Services, and Media & Entertainment. 


1. Canada’s Largest China forum

The first-ever UBC China Forum will see over 800 attendees, and representation from 30+ Chinese and Canadian companies. 

2. Building a Stronger Relationship

Between Canada and China

UBC China Forum will serve as a platform for dialogue on a range of issues and opportunities between the business communities in China and Canada. 

3. Real-Time Translations

As the Forum places a strong emphasis on the importance of bilateral and transparent communication, all attendees will be able to enjoy flawless translations in real-time to fully facilitate a fruitful dialogue. 

4. Widespread Media Coverage

The UBC China Forum will receive live coverage from major media outlets in Canada and China. 

5. Top Industry Executives

Top industry executives from Chinese and Canadian enterprises will be showcasing innovations and ideas from their respective companies, as well as discuss the influence of China on the global economy and how companies and entrepreneurs can take advantages of changing socioeconomic trends of the future. 


6. Promoting Further Economic Partnership

The China Forum aims to become a stepping stone to closer collaboration between Chinese and Canadian business community. The Forum aims to introduce quality Chinese enterprises to the dynamic Canadian market. 

A  look at our venue: Vancouver Convention Centre



UBC BizChina bridges a connection between Chinese and Canadian business cultures, hosting large-scale business conferences, information sessions, and networking events for students with a focus on Chinese business ethics and customs. Our mission is to cultivate an environment rich in diversity, while simultaneously facilitating learning opportunities with experienced professionals through our events.

Founded in 2011, UBC BizChina has been steadily expanding, receiving the prestigious CUS (Commerce Undergraduate Society) Top Club Award in 2018.Our club has hosted countless successful events, providing opportunities for students to further their knowledge in topics such as Blockchain, Wealth Management, Chinese Business Etiquette with a focus on both Western and Chinese perspectives. BizChina takes pride in being the most prominent UBC organization dedicated to educating students on the thriving Chinese markets and the only organization affiliated with the UBC Sauder School of Business that serves this function.


UBC BizChina strives to create an inclusive and multicultural community that synergizes professional development and personal growth through our events and opportunities. We welcome you to joins us as at our flagship China Forum 2019 this October, Canada’s largest and most influential business forum.

Endorsement from UBC President Santa Ono

"On behalf of UBC, I’d like to welcome you all to the UBC China Forum 2019. Historically the China Forum has been held in many schools, including Harvard, Wharton, and London School of Economics. I’m proud that the UBC BizChina Club is hosting our own version here at UBC."


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