In recent years, many disruptive innovations have stemmed from E- Commerce. With the internet’s integration into our daily lives, E- Commerce allows us to take part in business without physical boundaries. We already enjoy benefits such as low costs and high efficiencies, but there remains much unexplored potential.



The speed of information exchange has never been faster as we step into the era of 5G. The fifth-generation technology is bringing about a virtual boom in which cloud-based services combined with the enormous amount of data available is serving as the driving force behind businesses. As everyday life becomes more automated with algorithms and artificial intelligence, we shall picture how societies will change in this new era.


International Relations

China’s advancement and Chinese diplomacy in the 21st century requires a multi-narrative understanding. How can China and Canada’s relationship be strengthened despite their differences in foreign policy and ideology? As Sino-Canadian relations are at a freezing point, we will examine if Canada considers China as an equal or a strategic competitor.



The global pandemic and economic crisis have made most institutional and individual
investors more cautious than ever. However, at the same time, the emergence of a vast number of innovations means new opportunities. Moving forward in 2021, how should investors make decisions? We shall discuss how China and Canada’s financial sectors will overcome difficulties and seize new changes in the new era.

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