The traditional retail industry is going through major shifts and is facing the retail apocalypse. How are companies reimagining the retail business by embracing e-commerce and conforming to new consumer habits? How are companies resetting expectations due to the pandemic? And how are companies planning to recover the customer experience in the future?




International Relations

China’s advancement in the 21st century requires a multi-narrative understanding. How can China-Canada’s relations be strengthened despite their differences? How has the onset of COVID-19 affected the two countries and what will be its impact going forward? And what should be Canada’s position in the increasingly complex relationship between the United States and China?



The global pandemic and economic crisis have made most institutional and individual investors more cautious than ever. However, there is also an emergence of promising new venture capital opportunities. Moving forward in 2021, will investors evaluate deals differently? And what will the longer-term impact be on private companies looking for capital?

The speed of information exchange has never been faster as we step into the era of 5G. The fifth-generation technology is bringing about a virtual boom where cloud-based services and the enormous amount of data available is serving as the driving force behind businesses. As everyday life becomes more automated with algorithms and artificial intelligence, how will societies change in this new era?

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