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Bridge Between

Canada and China

on Business and Culture


UBC BizChina Club was founded in 2011 with the objective of offering students a business club where their ambitions in a career related to China business can be developed.

The club puts its emphasis on organizing intellectually stimulating lectures, informative corporate presentations, large-scale conferences, and networking sessions for our members and the wider public to foster constructive conversations and promote cross-border cooperation among the next generation of business leaders.

Upcoming Events

2023 Sept

BizChina x CSSA Welcome Back Event

The Welcome Back Event is the first official event that will be hosted this year. With 2 and a half hours of time, students will gain the opportunity to network with knowledgeable mentors who will answer their burning questions about studies, campus life, careers and more! 

2023 Nov

November Networking Event

Our November Networking Event is a 2 hour kickstart event for students to begin their career exploration journey midway through the term, with industry professionals to share their expertise and experiences in their field through keynote presentations and an open networking session!

2024 Feb

BizChina Case Competition

Our BizChina Case Competition is a 3-part event that focuses on training students to apply academic theories and frameworks to real life problems through workshops, networking oppor-tunities, and a case competition related to strategy management!


BizChina Career Fair

Bizchina Career Fair is a 2-day recruitment event which strives to provide a number of great career resources and employment information for UBC students in Vancouver, allowing them to build business connections, and maximize the competitiveness of Chinese/Local students in Canada and China!

What's New

2023 UBC China Forum



Chair of Corporate Relations: Catherine Wang

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